How to Open a BO account with

Doreen Capital Management Ltd. (DCML)

Doreen Capital Management Ltd.   (Former name: Nur-E-Alam Siddique and Company Ltd.) (DSE TREC No. 182).  is among the oldest private investment concerns in Bangladesh with a strategy for steady growth, which has enabled it to acquire major stakes in some of the most important blue-chip firms in Bangladesh. Doreen Capital Management (DCM) operates a brokerage house, which is one of the oldest in the country, practicing a conservative approach towards trading.

Doreen Capital Management Ltd. ( DCML ) is a Licensed Brokerage house under Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC) who handles Trade of BO (Beneficiary Owner) Account holders at CDBL (Central Depository Bangladesh Limited) at DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange). We are the custodian of Shares and Cash of "BO" Account holders and Governs by "BSEC" Law.

If you already have a "BO ID", please contact with us through
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There are 2 Steps to open a BO account at Doreen Capital Management Ltd. (DCML) which are as follows:-

Step 1. Fill up the Accounting Opening Form Online or at our Offices:

  1. Required Documents for Account Opening (single/Joint)
  1. Required Documents For Corporate
  1. Required Documents For Non-Resident Bangladeshi

Step 2.  Upload online or provide hard copies as per the requirements:-

            After completing the application along with the signature and other verifications you have to submit the application online or bring the hard copies to our offices (whichever is convenient) . Now you are documentarily  ready for BO ID. Within next 24 hours you will get a BO ID . Then your BO Account will be ready for Transactions.


 Open BO (Beneficiary Owner) Account through CDBL (Central Depository Bangladesh Limited) Go to